Kaecy “Caveman” Raddon Answered the Call for the Tuff-N-Uff Lightweight Title at Mayhem in Mesquite XIII

Kacey “Caveman” Raddon recently relocated from Utah to Westminster, Colorado to train under Duane Ludwig and UFC champion, TJ Dillashaw, at Ludwig Martial Arts.  They are his main coaches and influences, but everybody in the gym is essentially coaching because they are all teaching each other and taking care of one other.   According to Caveman, “Ludwig Martial Arts differs from other gyms in that it is a martial arts gym, not a fight gym.  They have the utmost respect for everyone.”  He spars with people like Nicoli Navaro, Josh Wick, Paul Lucero, Alix Fisher and Sam Couts! He is a well rounded mixed martial artists, and his strengths range across many forms.  He started in Kung Fu when he was 6, and from there into tae kwondo and junior wrestling and then high school wrestling.   He was a top three ranked wrestler in Utah state.   He has had many jiu jitsu tournaments and went 5-0 at Impact bjj Tournament 2016.   He is a North American WAKO champion and has competed in Mexico in amateur boxing and kickboxing.  His amateur MMA record is 9-1 with eight finishes by way of stoppage in the first round.   He will be fighting the Tuff-N-Uff Lightweight champion, Rocky Cantu, on Saturday December 2nd in Mesquite, NV.  “I think he is a wrestler so I’m going to use my wrestling experience to defend the take down and use my striking to take his soul and make him not want to fight anymore,” says Raddon.  He hopes to be in the UFC a year from now, and if he is, all that attend Mayhem in Mesquite XIII on Saturday will be able to see they saw a Future Star of MMA.