Crystal Demopoulos Fights May 20th for Her Shot At the Title

Crystal Demopoulos (4-1) started fighting Thai Boxing 8 years ago in the basement of a recreation center with striking coaches Cory Minton and Aaron Boggs and a crew called 8+8. Right from the start, she was training 2-3 times a day and caught on pretty fast. She had her first fight three months after beginning and that was it. She was in it to win it. After a few years, Luke Zachrich presented them with an opportunity to help him put together a gym called Ronin Training Center in Columbus, OH. With hammer and nail, they got to work. Even though it was an MMA gym, she personally had little interest in fighting MMA or learning Jiu Jitsu. One opportunity lead to another and her journey began. At first she only learned enough Jiu Jitsu to get by but was primarily a striker. After many MMA fights fell through, she found competing in Jiu Jitsu would always turn up an opportunity to compete, and so her focus shifted. Her Jiu Jitsu coach is black belt and grappling world champion, Vitor Oliveria. Her focus may have shifted, but she never quit training MMA and striking. She started working on the details, keeping focus in mind of becoming a world class champion in MMA, but competing in Jiu Jitsu at the highest level along the way. Fighting saved her life in many aspects. She trains 4-6 hours a day without dispute.  

Come see her fight May 20th against undefeated Strawweight, Andrea Amaro,  at the Casablanca Resort, Casino, Golf & Spa in Mesquite, NV.  Tickets are only $11 HERE!