Airman Makes Tuff-N-Uff Debut at Mayhem in Mequite XII

Charles “Pretty Boy” Patterson (3-2) started training in and out of martial arts when he was a kid, but he didn’t really start becoming serious with martial arts and MMA until 2010.  He started training boxing and taekwondo before he left for college, where he began training in karate, catch wrestling and jiu jitsu.  He had his first MMA fight in 2012 and was training and competing regularly until he joined the Air Force in 2014.   His goal was to join the military as a way to get to Las Vegas so he could train with a great gym and focus on turning professional.  His goal is to turn pro and become successful enough where he can fight and train full time while also making a good living for his family.  He’d like to thank all his trainers and coaches at both of the gyms where he trains, Vinny Magalhaes BJJ and Xtreme  Couture.

Patterson makes his Tuff-N-Uff debut against Ajai Smith (3-2) on September 16 at Mayhem in Mesquite XII.  Tickets start at just $12.  Use discount code MMAPK12 to book your hotel room at the Casablanca Resort, Casino, Golf & Spa.