Enzo Perez

Nickname :

Gender : Male

Gym: Syndicate MMA

Location: Las Vegas, NV

Weight Class: 125 lbs


I was born and raised in Havana Cuba. Tough neighborhood so I had to toughen up to survive. When I was 6 started doing karate, stuck with it until I left the country. Also trained boxing down there. When I was 13 I wanted to start training MMA and my mom wouldn’t let me, so as an alternative I joined wrestling in highschool where I accomplished alot in a short period of time. Junior year in highschool I started training at syndicate with the pro MMA team, I was only 17. I picked up a few Muay Thai fights before making my mma debut. My plan is to get the Tuff n Uff title then make the jump and go pro. Without a doubt you will see me in the UFC representing Cuba!